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Buying Local has been such an integral process we have abided by in our goals to connect the community in many valuable aspects.

Our Impact...

Environmental Impacts

Since we purchase our products from mostly local businesses, our carbon footprint holds a lesser influence. We are located in a town allowing us to reuse an already open space, creating less habitat loss or pollution.


Our character represents distinctive traits that lie beyond the products we sell, however, to the community surrounding us and the employees who commit their time to make those around us have better opportunities.

Our Action in the       Community

Our commitment to the community includes our effort to give back. A local event like Taste of Winchendon (free food and family activities) is a spot you may recognize our food at.

Product Selection

Our openness to our customers means implementing products residing with the most interest of the people we serve.


We hire individuals who have a clear understanding of the mission we carry. They have a perception of the products we sell and create valuable connections with our customers.

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